Description: Get the falling ragdoll experience on your browser with Fall Beans!

Instructions: WASD/Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to jump and Right Click to dive. Drag right screen with mouse to rotate camera.

NOTE: This is a new upload. A month has passed and the game has been updated many times. Save system also now work.

  • Here's what's updated in the current version.
    3 new levels
    Create/join room
    Server region selector
    Better camera controls
    Better AI
    Fixes and improvements

Download on Google Play with 260 skins and more levels.

Join our Discord to find online players, submit bug reports , give feedbacks and suggestions.

Also available on

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its kinda weird..

(1 edit) (-1)

stop doing knockoffs!(sorry for the offense!)

for a knock of its ok


Not bad!


this game is ass you bitch suck dick pussy ass fall guys among us is better pussy ass nigga




guys this is a fanmade fall guys. it was "inspired" by fall guys.


best game ever! there even is fortnite dances! i hope fall beans does not get sued by fortnite... haha


It doesn't work. On PC it says I need a supported browser 

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add first person pls

and a timer

Free Fall Guys... YAY! :) Nice job, Pitoy Games! Could you add that mode where you grab other's tails? By the way, is this on Unity?


sce meerd

Oof it wont load not even the title i was hoping to play it but oh well.

the controls are kinda scuffed

Oh cool, y'all made Fall Guys but bad-



wow... fall guys but its and free on browser


whats with my screen showing stuff about haha?

I have chrome and firefox and it won't let me play ... what do I do?

what version of Chrome?

The latest version 86.0.4240.110

Tengo chrome y firefox y no me deja jugar... que hago?

very nice game i love it 

Thank you!



This is just a ripoff of fall guys I have played it before and it even has the same  maps. 

If you don't like it bro you don't have to play it go do something else with your life.

i know

where is the game? i really wanna play it

I reuploaded it. Sorry for the wait.



yes yes it is

it isn't


I will be submitting an updated build soon

why the game is gone???!?!?!?!???!?!


feels like fall guys. i really enjoyed it ;3

hi im basty from discord can you help me pitoy why i cant play here in

Hey so when you play on browser on PC i somehow cant manouver the camera?? like my mouse goes offscreen and i cant move the camera

Hello. I will put a cursor lock during gameplay.

Hi, you now have to drag right screen (left click and hold) to change camera view

Yo, It's a great game I love it! However a PC version  that runs on your computer as a .exe would be great! keep up the updates!

Thank you. Currently I am supporting WebGL and Android. Switching platforms takes long time so I can only support 2 platforms at the moment.

IA on Tip Toe is so bugged they are all at the same time trying to discover the same way to go to the qualified goal and dying into the void

hello, did the round end?

im stuck on intro

I will upload a new update

Game is updated

it works

This game is pretty dope haha! Some small performance issues when playing on desktop but overall a good bootleg of fall guys! As expected, I got very angry but that's the point, right :'D only managed to see 4 levels while playing unless other levels are only playable on mobile, nevertheless, a super fun game! Good job :D Game play is below if interested :)


wow awesome! Thank you for the cool video! Although this version is outdated, the mobile version has a lot of new content, bug fixes and working online play with private rooms. Im going to upload a new browser version here.

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Hey! I got round to playing the updated version but had some issues unfortunately :( I found the game to run less smooth, the camera was super buggy and it was impossible to get past fake floors as the computers don't ever finish the round, I waited like 10 minutes haha! You can see in the video below if you want to see.


Hi Robson! Oh sorry for the inconvenience, I don't know what happened there. I will check on it. Yeah, the fake floors bugged on online play (host may be AFK, alt-tabbing or has slow computer).

very cool thx!

thank you. I will update this with the latest version. You may see the description for what's new.


all i see is a splash screen lol

Do you have the unity package for fall beans

How do i save my progress

Currently not supported in WebGL browser version. I will update this soon. 

It says qualified: 23/18 XD

sorry for the bug. will upload a fix asap


the characters look like the ones from surreal entertainment

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